Blowing out candles                     Happy Birthday to ME!                   
cuteI'm SO CUTE
I'm walkingStole my sisters clothes.
Silly smileJust a silly little me.
cowboy                      "Say Cheese Partner".                     
scoutI was a girl scout and sold cookies.
dolphinI'm NOT going to touch that!
busch gardensOlympic Star.
dance               At the Daddy Daughter Dance.              
santaNow be nice to Santa !
TimeAll dressed up.
yellowHow's about a big smile for the camera.
PrincessI'm going out for the night.
brother                   All dressed for the dance.                  
brother                   Showing off the brother.                  
kissjayMeet my littlest brother.
showoffsSisters showing off the brother.
8thclass              The greatest Hillel class ever!             
8thgradeOur last get together.
missysarahMelissa and Sarah.
seaworldA day at seaworld.
morning come earlyI don't do mornings, EVER.
Flower DressI just love this dress!
DinnerOut for Dinner
JenniferHere's my cousin Jennifer
Elephant rideA day at Busch Gardens
Beautiful girl  Striking a pose because Mike asked me to!  
Silver Springs              A cold day at Silver Springs.             
evasarahSarah and Eva at Sweet sixteen.
rob zamnerA nite out with a real player.
Hockey players                We played well together!               
katey lynnKatey and Sarah
traceyTracey and Sarah
groupThe High school gang.
sarahapril                        April and Sarah.                       
fantasiaA typical magical day at Disney.
newsWe made it into the paper.
grad97One ticket to get out of school
graduation 97Strike a perfect pose.
Sarah at 29Just a night out.
Sarah and Mike are "ish"Sarah and Mike
Sarah and Mike are marriedSarah and Mike are MARRIED

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